Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Ad in Gentry magazine!!

My digital artwork is in November's Gentry magazine (p66-67) in the form of an advert for Corrective BodyworX - who I design for. Hooray!

Here is a copy, if you don't plan on visiting the magazine yourself. It's always fun to see one's artwork in print.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Alice and Andre

Here are the last of the Grammar Town characters. Now it's on to something else!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Polly Pronoun and Cahn the Conjunction

More from the project that never came to pass! Polly and Cahn join the other characters of Grammar Town. Polly has a 'can do' attitude, and Cahn is somewhat of a magician.

Monday, November 7, 2011

A painting of Penny Peach

Things in Blog Land are a little mixed up for me at the moment, which is why I'm posting a painting of my dog Penny, before I even mention that I have a new dog called Penny.

But there it is! I will catch up with things at some point.

I was too excited not to post this though: Kim Santini, the incredibly talented, daily painter (Who's blog I follow) over at paintingadogaday , has painted My Penny, as part of the gratitude series paintings. This is a series of paintings of rescue animals, where part of the proceeds go to the rescue organisation they came from. I suggest you go to her blog to read more about this, and other projects, and you can see the link to the actual painting of Penny here.

I am a great fan of her style, and the painting is a very good likeness of Penny. I will post the picture she painted from, here, so you can see how good she is!

In other news - I have a knee that doesn't work, so needs surgery. And I have been painting, but it's a secret Christmas commission, so may not get to post it until much after, but may sneak in a detail or two in the meantime!

Will be working on more paintings soon, and plan to make some Christmas ornaments when I have my knee surgery (early december) so I have lots of 'sitting down' jobs to do - stop me from going out of my mind.