Thursday, February 18, 2010

In the meantime

Whilst I wait for Monday to come around (the end of the giveaway waiting period) the rabbits have been back in the yard. All the rain has brought with it new green life, bursting from the usually rock hard and dusty ground.
Most mornings when I open my blinds, one, or both, can be seen having a light breakfast or reclining in the morning sun.

I sneak the pictures that I can, of course, but they do not usually appreciate the intrusion of the paparazzi, so in true 'expose' style, some of my pictures are blurred, or taken from a great distance. This was the case with these shots, as I was unable to get closer as they shared a grooming session.

The shot I didn't get (no camera in hand this time) was yesterday morning. I opened the front door to see a cat shoot by, as if it was being chased. At a safe distance, the cat turned to see if it was still under attack, so I followed it's line of sight to see the fearsome fiend, and saw......
the rabbit. (double-take from me) yes, the rabbit, which stared at the cat and then hop hop hopped towards it (menacingly) All this was just too much for the wide eyed cat who then ran off through the yard.

Cats have been pooping in my yard recently, which is not a problem, but Pixie has been eating the poop that the cats have been strategically placing around said yard, and that IS a problem, so I fed the rabbit a carrot, and hoped that that meant we now have 'an understanding'.

WHOLE new meaning to the word 'Bouncer'
(Note to self: buy carrots)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today I give away my heart

Today, after just over a year of blogging, I celebrate my 100th blog post. As promised I have the spoils of last weeks hot glass fun, so if you would like to win a heart, here is what to do:

Post a comment and tell me which heart you would like, all of them have names. On monday next week I shall draw a winner from the magic bag and tell you here! The winner can then give me details for sending the heart to it's new home. Hope you like it!

The hearts:

Cherry Darling: Red frit with gold overlay, deep dark color and weighty.

Midnight sky: Aqua blue frit with gold overlay, looks like a meteor shower in the night sky.

The dark side: Feminine pink and dichroic glass, all wispy, with a black liney dark side. We all have a dark side!

Spring flowers: Light and pretty, multi colored frit over clear glass makes for a confetti like spring flower mix.

Friday, February 12, 2010

How to make a heart

Into the mold

Necking the glass

Working at the bench

Into the crucible

At the glory hole

Adding the colored frit

Back into the crucible

I've been pondering the 100th blog post, and what to do for a giveaway. Inspired by Valentine's day, I decided to make a hot glass heart or two, post the pictures here, and then give one away to you!

So, here is the process, and when they come out of the kiln tomorrow, I will post pics of the finished hearts, and explain the giveaway!

Happy Valentines to you!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Five years ago

Five years ago today, having packed boxes and cases, we waved goodbye to friends and family and came west to America.

Everything is so clear in my head. Trying to get Ruby and Dolly to pee at 4.30am in the freezing dark in Staines,UK before kissing them and loading them into crates for the flight. Wondering how there were, 5 hours into the flight, hoping they weren't scared. Landing at SFO, picking up a rental car and wondering where we would be sleeping that night. Arriving at our 'new home' and having to think of strangely practical things like: what shall we have for dinner, and where is the nearest supermarket to buy it?

Each year, we like to remember the day, and recognise it's importance in our life. This year is no different except for the fact that Ruby and Dolly are both gone now, and we have a baby!

I mentioned the anniversary to a friend this morning, and she asked: were we scared?

No, we were not. Occasionally in life you have such clarity and clear vision, that it is remarkable and extraordinary. Coming to the USA on that day was like that. We knew without a doubt that it was the right thing for us, and five years later, the clarity is still as clear as if it were yesterday.

The picture is of Ruby and Dolly in the UK before we came here.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Spring around the corner

With all this rain recently, I notice that the garden is full of dormant and newly awakening life. Plants bursting with buds and new growth, and green abounds in a way not usually seen in these parts - especially at this time of year. Spring feels like it may be just around the corner.

I realise that come 9th Feb, I will have been blogging for a year! and I am also coming up to the 100th post, which, given the latter part of last years baby related blogging quiet, feels like a little achievement at least.

I plan to do a give away of sorts to celebrate, so watch this space for info!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Random note

Hooray! Finally got around to ordering giclee canvas prints of bunny and Boo paintings. I will be very interested to see how they come out. Who knows, I may get around to opening an Etsy shop yet. Maybe this year is the year!
This is a somewhat random photo of a book shelf in my lounge. I prefer to upload a picture as well as words. I know I like having something to look at when I visit other blogs.

I seem to have a bit of a thing about pears, as you may see - there are several of them of these shelves. Hope everyones Monday is a reasonable one.