Monday, February 8, 2010

Five years ago

Five years ago today, having packed boxes and cases, we waved goodbye to friends and family and came west to America.

Everything is so clear in my head. Trying to get Ruby and Dolly to pee at 4.30am in the freezing dark in Staines,UK before kissing them and loading them into crates for the flight. Wondering how there were, 5 hours into the flight, hoping they weren't scared. Landing at SFO, picking up a rental car and wondering where we would be sleeping that night. Arriving at our 'new home' and having to think of strangely practical things like: what shall we have for dinner, and where is the nearest supermarket to buy it?

Each year, we like to remember the day, and recognise it's importance in our life. This year is no different except for the fact that Ruby and Dolly are both gone now, and we have a baby!

I mentioned the anniversary to a friend this morning, and she asked: were we scared?

No, we were not. Occasionally in life you have such clarity and clear vision, that it is remarkable and extraordinary. Coming to the USA on that day was like that. We knew without a doubt that it was the right thing for us, and five years later, the clarity is still as clear as if it were yesterday.

The picture is of Ruby and Dolly in the UK before we came here.


  1. Congrats on your anniversary. We did our journey with a six month old babe in arms. We were planning on staying a year or two before returning to France. That babe in arms will be 25 soon. And so the World turns.
    (You specialize in adorable dogs, obviously).

  2. And so the world turns indeed! I am amazed at how it is five years already, and know I will blink and soon it will be twenty five, like you! just amazing.

  3. You love animals, so...
    your head is safe.

    Don't worry.

  4. we have to be ready everydays for a new life, it's no bad.
    (I'm sorry for my english)