Monday, August 31, 2009

All better!

At last! Here is the magic bag - restored to it's former glory, hanging on a giant bird house outside my front door. I've never had the pleasure of having giant birds nesting in it - but I live in hope. The mirrors on the bag glistened joyfully in the sunlight when I took this a moment ago, and the zipper flapped in the breeze, ready, I think, for a new adventure.

On saturday we will go on vacation to Santa Fe (New Mexico) and I am ready for a break, so will soon have some exciting new photos to share, I hope.

My current adventures have been odd - in as much that they mostly involve the baby, and those are the ones I am fairly un-able to share here - either in word or in photos, as the adoption will not be finalized for a while. But they are the ones that I wish I could share - as every day has been a new adventure! I have been writing a journal (for Peanut) so that when she is older she knows how and when she came to be with us, and I have been sewing curtains and such for her room.

I have a rather beautiful photo of her toes - perhaps I could share that next time, as I don't think that would constitute too much information!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Dolly and the banana slug

Well, Dolly seems to be the one having all the adventures at the moment! At the weekend we took a drive up to Mill Valley, over the Golden Gate- shrouded with fog, and barely visible to the hundreds of summer tourists walking across it trying to take photos.

We had brunch in Mill Valley, at a favourite place called 'Toast' and it was whilst walking around the town that Dolly had the good fortune of spotting the most 'bananery' banana slug I have ever seen!
It was large - thats the first thing. You can tell that by looking at it's size next to Dolly. But it was so speckled with brown, like a banana almost too ripe to eat and better used for banana bread.

I've seen many of these slugs, but all of them have been very yellow, not so spotty. Perhaps as they mature they gain the brown? just like their fruity namesakes? I don't know, but luckily I had the camera handy to take a snap!
I have, at last, finished mending the magic bag! I'll have to post a picture, as it is looking quite restored and fine. Restoration of magic things is always more complicated than ordinary items, as you are never sure how the magic will respond to alteration, but it seems genuinely happy for the attention, and I guess I'll see if my adventures are adversely affected over the coming weeks.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dolly again

At the weekend we spent some time at the coast in our 'weekender' camper van. So nice - sitting on the clifftops allowing the cool salty breeze to come in through the open door of the van.

Course - Peanut and the dogs came too, and we made tea, and had tea and cake and snoozed a little. The dogs love these sorts of days, and I'm rather partial to relaxing a little since the baby came along! Dolly was in a thoughtful mood, and also managed to find a comfy spot in baby's chair, whilst she wasn't there!