Monday, August 31, 2009

All better!

At last! Here is the magic bag - restored to it's former glory, hanging on a giant bird house outside my front door. I've never had the pleasure of having giant birds nesting in it - but I live in hope. The mirrors on the bag glistened joyfully in the sunlight when I took this a moment ago, and the zipper flapped in the breeze, ready, I think, for a new adventure.

On saturday we will go on vacation to Santa Fe (New Mexico) and I am ready for a break, so will soon have some exciting new photos to share, I hope.

My current adventures have been odd - in as much that they mostly involve the baby, and those are the ones I am fairly un-able to share here - either in word or in photos, as the adoption will not be finalized for a while. But they are the ones that I wish I could share - as every day has been a new adventure! I have been writing a journal (for Peanut) so that when she is older she knows how and when she came to be with us, and I have been sewing curtains and such for her room.

I have a rather beautiful photo of her toes - perhaps I could share that next time, as I don't think that would constitute too much information!


  1. Thank you much for the kind words, miss - I find your blog exceedingly nifty;)

  2. The bag is lovely, Joanna. Santa Fe? Hope you have time to visit the Georgia O'Keefe museum. I enjoyed my visit there, especially when I drove up the Turquoise Trail from Albuquerque. The artist colonies such as at Madrid were fascinating.

    Blackpool is something I am coming to terms with, but it should get easier soon - having had four weeks in a hotel room - very boring. I move into my apartment on Monday - aptly, a converted classroom in what used to be the Art college in St Annes (Lytham St Annes). You can imagine the light in it with its huge windows . . .
    Best wishes