Thursday, February 18, 2010

In the meantime

Whilst I wait for Monday to come around (the end of the giveaway waiting period) the rabbits have been back in the yard. All the rain has brought with it new green life, bursting from the usually rock hard and dusty ground.
Most mornings when I open my blinds, one, or both, can be seen having a light breakfast or reclining in the morning sun.

I sneak the pictures that I can, of course, but they do not usually appreciate the intrusion of the paparazzi, so in true 'expose' style, some of my pictures are blurred, or taken from a great distance. This was the case with these shots, as I was unable to get closer as they shared a grooming session.

The shot I didn't get (no camera in hand this time) was yesterday morning. I opened the front door to see a cat shoot by, as if it was being chased. At a safe distance, the cat turned to see if it was still under attack, so I followed it's line of sight to see the fearsome fiend, and saw......
the rabbit. (double-take from me) yes, the rabbit, which stared at the cat and then hop hop hopped towards it (menacingly) All this was just too much for the wide eyed cat who then ran off through the yard.

Cats have been pooping in my yard recently, which is not a problem, but Pixie has been eating the poop that the cats have been strategically placing around said yard, and that IS a problem, so I fed the rabbit a carrot, and hoped that that meant we now have 'an understanding'.

WHOLE new meaning to the word 'Bouncer'
(Note to self: buy carrots)


  1. Very funny. Scatter lettuce seeds before rain (for rabbits) or use Coco shells ground cover (for cat).

  2. coco shells?! explain more please!!
    Like the lettuce seeds idea, what a great one, I'll have to get some.

  3. Kissing rabbits - now I have seen it all! Poor cat, chased by rabbit - catastrophic!

  4. I have a kitty who needs a rabbit lesson, or two! :)

  5. The nurseries do sell coco shell mulch -- from the cacao seeds - the inner kernels used for chocolate and the outer shell for mulch. The outer shells are little cups of the size of a coin. It is most uncomfortable to walk on if you have tender paw-pads! The coco shells will disintegrate in a year esp after getting wet so yearly replenishing is required -- if the cats come back. In case you decide to harvest your lettuce, there is a cat AND Rabbit deterring item -- chilli pepper flakes which decompose in matter of months.