Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Apologies and mysteries.

I feel bad. On my last post about the winner of the glass hearts, having promised to not reveal the address of the winner, I realised that accidentally posted it - Argh! So in my eagerness to remedy the situation, I have now accidentally deleted the whole post. Hmm, and I was beginning to think that me and technology were on first name terms,.

So, firstly, to ZT, I apologise. It is now gone. And I am hoping that perhaps it was not even viewed. Oh - and your heart will be posted soon!!

Secondly, in the interest of the space/blog continuum, I will post the pictures from said post, as I am still waiting for a response from Clemence, the second winner. Clemence! You won! Email me your address so I can post it!!

Finally, to distract you all from everything, here is a picture of a tiny snake on my deck, basking in the sun that briefly interrupted the rain. Not sure if he is the new tenant in the cottage of Potterton Marsh, in my garden. I will have to go knock on the door at some point when the rain stops, see if he does live there. What does one give snakes for welcome gifts?


  1. Received the heart. THANKS!
    Gift for snakes? I thought you already sprinkled the lettuce seeds to attract the bunnies...

  2. Hi Jo

    Clem lives at the same address as ours except her house number is 1 instead of 5