Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Spring in the US feels very much like a time to be nesting - or moving! In the UK, moving time happens at any time of year, but here in the US I've noticed that most moving seems to happen in the spring. As we all know, the housing market is terrible, so I'm not even going to begin to think about that here, but instead dream of the possibilities.

This week, between rain showers, I took a wander round the yard to see what jobs need to be done, prior to listing the house for sale. I have a lot of bird houses - this I know, but it struck me that they are all 'little houses', and with the cottage at 'Potterton Marsh' it made me realize how many buildings I have around the place. Like a whole village or community for little animals or beings.

Today's picture is of one of my favorites. If I were tiny, and looking for a home, this is the one I would choose. But I am big, so I will instead dream that I will one day live in such a house.

Oh! in cat news, it seems that a ginger kitty is renting the space under our house! This explains the unusual activity, the poop, and the dogs going crazy every time they go outside. My husband went under there to have a sort out, and there he/she was, snuggling on a folded patio umbrella. We have seen Kitty several times since, and in fact, when we returned last night from an outing, Kitty was waiting for us, mewing in the rain. I ran in the house and got a chicken treat, which seemed gratefully enjoyed.

I must ask around the neighborhood to see who Kitty is!


  1. Are you moving? Did I miss something? I hope not.

  2. Well, I hope to move - but only locally! No - didn't miss a thing!

  3. Moving? Hmm? Only locally? Lucky thing! After starting my new day job near Blackpool last August, we are putting the house on the market at the end of April. Moving from Somerset to Lancashire after twelve years will be a wrench, as will leaving behind a large unmarked cemetery of little ones - two dogs, four cats, a flock of birds and large herd of mice, shrews and other creatures . . .

    I loved the photo of the bird house. Did I see someone looking out through the window?


  4. That must be hard, Laurie, thinking about leaving a home and so many beloved furry children in the garden. Especially as you so recently lost Sooty. Thats a ways to go to. I guess we made our 'big' move when we came to the states 5 years ago, so moving locally makes a change!

    If I had some of Alice's special cake, and could make myself small, it might have been me looking out from the birdhouse! Now there's a thought - if we all had special cake, we could all carry round shoebox sized houses and make ourselves small every night at bedtime!!