Thursday, March 25, 2010

Goldsworthy inspired window

At last! creative pictures of actual work! I made this panel at least a year or so ago, but made the mistake of not taking my camera when I went to install it. I only just went back yesterday to finally get shots of it, so thought I'd post them here today.
The design was for a couple who particularly liked the work of Andy Goldsworthy. So I took elements from his work and wove it into the design. The light in the house was limited, because of the great redwood trees outside, so it was decided that the window would be mostly clear textured glass except for a few colored details.

The wife of the couple is a mid-wife, so her work is represented by the hand blown pink/purple roundel on the right, which looks almost like an egg in a nest, or an embryo. The husband is represented by cast glass chunks (shown in one of the detail pics) which also represent the ice that Goldsworthy frequently uses in his work.

The window is: hand blown glass roundels, painted, enamelled, cast, stained, leaded glass.
The pictures do not really do it justice, but the light is really tricky, both inside and outside the house.


  1. Beautiful work, Joanne.

  2. Beauty. I never thought one could end a line in the middle of a piece of glass!