Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ups and downs

Ups and downs and round and round. Sometimes it's just like that.
That's been life for a few months now, and I'm old enough (and hopefully wise enough) to roll with it, and either watch as things unfold, or read the signs that guild you forward.

The house is now on the market, and we have had several viewings, so that's a good thing. Six weeks ago my husband was laid off from work, but I am happy to report he started a new job yesterday, so we feel very lucky that it was for such a short time.

In Peanut news - we finally have a date for finalization! so on April 22nd, we go to court and she will be ours forever. Then I can talk about her as much as I want and show pictures etc, so expect more Peanut news in the future. It's been strange, as she is obviously a huge part of our lives, but I really haven't been able to mention her here too much, whilst she 'belongs' to the state.

Things are starting to shift. Unknowns are becoming knowns, and piece by piece the puzzle is becoming clear. Meanwhile, dear sweet Pixie continues with her daily routine of sleeping, eating, sleeping, grooming,sleeping, sleeping, and refusing to come for a walk - preferring to stay at home and, er, sleep. Amazing how someone within the household can be so unaffected by it all. Especially amazing as, by contrast, Cookie sees it all, and has taken to following me everywhere (even the bathroom) to make sure she doesn't miss out on anything that might happen.

In cat news, I finally caved to poor Kitty's mewing and upset one night, when we came home from a trip, and carried him (pretty sure now it's a him) under the house and made a bed from a box and blanket, and have been feeding him ever since. He's so friendly and wanting of affection, that he has to have been some ones at some point. I'm looking out for 'lost' signs, in case I find one that matches. He would probably be in the house by now if it wasn't for Cookie and Pixie's constant vigilance on Kitty patrol. But I think they are unlikely to let that happen.


  1. "Change is good" is a bit of a mantra in my life. I hope the same applies to yours. Lovely dog picture by the way.

  2. You are right, of course! Change is generally a great thing, and I can usually appreciate that, after the fact. But during the process - it feels like hard work!

  3. Yes, I love this pic too - my husband took it - I didn't even realize he was doing it, but Pixie looks so intense and serious! It's sunset on Carmel beach, so the light quality is just beautiful.