Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Forever flowers

The weekend (just gone) marked the seventieth birthday of Nancy - a friend of mine. I wanted to give her a token of sorts, but didn't want it to be fresh flowers, as seventy years almost needs something more special than that. So I decided to paint her some flowers instead!

The style is a bit of a departure for me - and why not! it feels good to try something different, and the style suited the current lack of concentrated time I have for doing things like painting, so all round it seemed like a good idea.

Peanut's finalization went well - actually I guess I can say 'Marli' now, since that is her name and she is now officially ours. I will post a picture next time.


  1. The flowers are vibrant, warm and balanced all at once. Welcome Marli to Blogland! Mothers' Day will be especially meaningful for you this year.
    (Do you know about the Indian Pow Wow at Stanford on M-Day weekend each year?)

  2. I like the style of painting - bright and vibrant.

    Welcome Marli - nice name.