Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do you know the way to Sante Fe?

OK - so I know those aren't really the words to the song, but it fits!
We are back from our latest adventure to Sante Fe, and it was a most enjoyable one!
We stayed in a little Cassita three miles or so out of town, and spent the days wandering galleries, museums and shops, and spent the evenings listening to heavenly groans - as the dense black clouds swept over the rolling pink mountains like waves, and the thunder cracked and rumbled until the town was sprayed with rain.

Thanks for the suggestion Laurie - I did get to the Georgia O'Keeffe museum, although was sadly impaired with a migraine, so I have somewhat abstract memories of it.

Little Peanut did great with all the travel, and we were able to introduce her to the joys of art. I took her to see an exhibition of American Impressionism (she mostly slept - perhaps the pictures were to idyllic?) But she enjoyed the work of O'Keeffe, and was carried around by my husband to see all the works at eye level, and he tells me they discussed the merits of each image.

One day we took the high road to Taos, and enjoyed the scenery and many galleries along the way. We took a wrong turn at one point, and ended up having a micro adventure onto an unpaved road, which wound around the mountain side and led us through the silvery skinned aspen trees, that I had seen portrayed in so many artworks around Sante Fe.

I would love to go back in the fall, to see the leaves turn from green to gold - maybe another year!

Here are a couple pictures from our travels! I may post a few more soon.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed Sante Fe and that Little Peanut was introduced to Georgia O'Keefe!
    Best wishes