Monday, May 24, 2010

More magic bag matters.

Thank you all for your kind words for Pixie. I am very happy to report that she is doing very well, and has now recovered, except for a lumpy face that I'm sure will soon be covered by a coating of soft blond hair!

The Magic bag continues it's streak of turning out it's nasty crumbs, when last week, the hard drive on my laptop took it's own life. Any of you that have experienced it will understand the horror and realization, as you remember quite how much was on it, and also as I realized the back up drive (set up to automatically back up) had not been doing so since last July.

The first thought, of course, was for the hundreds of photos of Marli, our daughter. Born in June last year, and soon to turn one. Photos that quite simply cannot be reproduced.
Anyway - I won't dwell on what was lost, as there is far too much to dwell on, but instead, urge anyone reading to back up your files right now! just in case.

So - no picture today, as I am typing on a borrowed machine, with none of my files, but I just wanted to check in and say hello. I will hopefully return soon, with more news and pictures of nice things. Hopefully, this is the last of the nasty surprises from the magic bag, and it will produce some joy soon.


  1. Don't give up on your files. There are magicians out there who can retrieve the un-retrievable. Fingers crossed you find some magical help.

  2. Ditto! Must be possible to salvage things.

    Very glad to here Pixie is on the mend.


  3. Thanks for the positive thoughts guys! I have looked into data recovery, and news is it will cost between $800 - $1600. As that is the cost of a new PC, it will have to be thought about very carefully.
    Good news is at least I haven't lost most of my portfolio art, as most of that was backed up before last July. And hooray for Blogs! At least I have a few pics here to save anew!

  4. Artist Hubby had to retrieve hundreds of photos archiving years of work. I asked him this morning and he thinks it was much less money than that. I'm tracking down who did that for him and will pass info along. Give me a day or two before you spend big bucks.

  5. Thanks! I really appreciate it. Will be interested to see what you have.

  6. Here is an updated phone number for Alfredo, computer fix guy.
    (408) 923 5635. Info from my Artistic One often comes in dribs and drabs.
    I have other ideas if this doesn't work. Keep me posted.