Thursday, September 16, 2010

Spare a thought

I recently received an email from a pet sitting exchange I am part of, about the Los Banos animal shelter being overwhelmed with dogs. They asked if anyone could foster/adopt more pets, and to pass along the email to as many people as possible, as they were quite literally putting dogs to sleep by the dozen.

This, of course, struck a chord with me, as I love dogs, and I passed it along, and considered whether we too, could help by taking another dog. Especially as it has been nearly nine months (can't believe it!) since Dolly's passing.

It is my husbands turn to choose a dog - as I have had rather a monopoly in recent years, and sure enough, he saw a picture of a female terrier at the shelter, whom he thought would make a great companion. We set about mentally adjusting to the idea of another furry body in the house, considered in great detail the implications - a young dog, teething, training etc. Our own dogs, the baby, and all that.

When he called about the dog - simply know as 'dog 1444' it turned out she had been exposed to Parvovirus, and needed to go into quarantine for 10 days. But his name was taken and it all looked positive enough - the only worry was that the pup had not had vaccines as she was too young and had been stray. Ten days or so passed, and she reached the end of her quarantine period, but on the eleventh day, before we were even able to pick her up - she was stricken with the disease and died within three days. My husband got a call, hoping it was the one about collecting her, only to find out she was dead, and I feel compelled to share the sadness.

This dear dog never had the opportunity to know a loving family, and the small 'mug shot' photo from 'Petfinder' may be the only picture of her ever taken. But as least she was thought about - by us, and we had made a space in our hearts and lives for her.

Recently, on a blog I follow - Where's My Effing Pony? A post talked about 'Rainbow Bridge' and meadow. I urge you to pop over there and read about it, if you've never heard of it. It made me think though - that this puppy will be one of those who receive a special assignment in the meadow.

Amazing how sad you can feel about a little dog you never met! If you have a second, spare a thought of caring for this little passed soul.


  1. Sob! The original Rainbow Bridge story has all the dogs happy and playing together, having shrugged off any prior illness or infirmity. Bless you for committing to dog number 1444. She is surely destined for a special task.

  2. So, so sad. She has taught you something really special though. You're ready to let another furry one into your life. For such a little creature, and so briefly in your life- that's a pretty big thing.

  3. So sad. As you've readied yourself for another pet, would you now be ready for another? I will make a donation to Los Banos shelter.