Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Making hearts 2

The hearts are progressing. Today I started to cast resin into the RTV molds I cast yesterday. Quite amazing really, how many processes are involved before you actually get the item you are trying to make - I'm only realizing this as I document it here!
I took a couple pictures with my Iphone, so here they are. Some of them are positives, and some are negatives - thats because some are destined for glass, and some for painted resin.

Next time, hopefully, it will be the finished product.
Meanwhile, I've gone a bit Poly clay crazy. I find myself with a little ball of it in my hands, if I have a spare moment, and out pops a bird or a flower, as if by magic - quite addictive!


  1. These hearts are really nice, Joanna - love the birds!

  2. Are you pouring molten glass into the moulds? What kind of glass are you using?

  3. Hi Rosie - No, I don't pour molten glass into the molds as they are plaster (the ones for glass anyway) so I don't think they would take it. So - I either cut layers of sheet glass and lay them in, or use frit or even smashed up glass roundels that I previously blew.

    Hope that answers the question ok!!