Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pooches in Portland

A few weekends back, Mr C, baby and me took a long weekend trip to Portland, OR. It was part time away, and part explore, but we had a super time.

The first thing I noticed when we arrived was that it was winter there. In California, it seems very much like spring already. We spent three days bundled in coats (to keep the damp and cold at bay).

Much exploring ultimately meant much hunger, and so naturally eating was a feature of our trip. On sunday morning we went for brunch in Laurelhurst, and saw two french bulldogs waiting patiently outside a restaurant for their person. They were both dressed casually in home made camel colored sweaters (chunky knit) and even had their own little towel to sit on, to protect their bottoms from the cold damp sidewalk. One seemed happy enough to watch passers by, but the other looked concerned as to the whereabouts of his aforementioned person.

I recorded the moment on a doily I found resting between my two food plates, so I could share it. One day I suspect there may be a device for capturing images from real life and sharing them, but in the meantime thank goodness for doilies and pens!


  1. Really cute painting. You've captured something of Portland there, eh? Great storytelling! :-) Jennifer

  2. What a wonderful way to record this moment Joanna!!!
    Your drawing is lovely and looks great on the doily :0)
    Vicky xxxx