Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Meet Amelia. She is one of three sisters, that I have been lucky enough to paint, these last couple weeks. Amelia has the most incredible red colored hair, and latte skin, with cinnamon sprinkles.
Amelia was painted in a 'folk art' style, and I'll post the pictures of her sisters over the coming posts. The backgrounds in the three paintings are painted as one picture, so the paintings can he hung horizontally together (with a two inch gap) and the horizon lines up. These are decoupage paper and acrylic on canvas, each one 12 x 12 inches (private commission). Amelia is the 'left' of the three images, which is why I'm posting her first, although she is the 'middle' child of the siblings.

Its been so fun working in paint, which I don't always get to do. And I am happily continuing to work in paint for other projects too, which I will post as I complete them!

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