Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy birthday Boo!

Hot off the press, varnish still wet, here is another of my 'Bunny and Boo' series, called Happy Birthday Boo!

Bunny blows a party whistle, and Boo patiently waits for cake.
Acrylic and collage on canvas, 8" x 8 ".

The grand plan is to open up an Etsy storefront, so I am currently stockpiling some images, getting pictures professionally scanned etc, so I can at least have ten or so items to start from. I will then be able to offer prints of existing work etc.

I've been painting a lot recently, which is most enjoyable, and a lot cleaner and safer than glass work. Also plan some more poly clay adventures soon.

Dumpling has been visiting Etsy storefronts to see what kind of shop we might lease. Makes me almost consider creating another bear. He's been so helpful since he came out of the Magic Bag, especially with the dolls house and all.

More soon!

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