Monday, July 16, 2012

The tiger who came back to tea

'The Tiger who came to tea' is a great kids book about a little girl called Sophie who gets a visit from a tiger. It's by Judith Kerr and was first published in 1968. It's a favorite in our house, so I decided to create a painting based on the idea.

In the book - the tiger never comes back again, but in my painting 'The tiger came back to tea', Tiger surprises the little girl in the painting by popping round for tea again. The table is covered with all sorts of yummy things, and Tiger promises to share nicely, as last time, he ate everything!

This is a collage and acrylic on canvas board 16" x 20", and the original has made it's way to the UK as a present for my three year old niece Fritha (who also loves the story)

I am selling giclee prints of the painting though, over at my new Etsy store - The Magic Bag.


  1. I love it and I'm sure you're niece will too!

  2. Oh wow this is wonderful Joanna, I love it!!
    I'm off to take a look at your etsy store.
    vicky xxx