Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Golden Butterfly

This is a drawing I did for a stained glass window. I completed it at least two years ago now, but the window has only just been finished so It's taken this long to blog about it!

The image is taken from an old 'Kellar's' magician's poster, and depicts the 'latest wonder' known as the Golden Butterfly. It's hard to tell from this, but it is virtually life sized, and the drawing took a good week of full time work to complete. This was work I have been doing for John Forbes of 'Bonny Doon Art Glass', as my traditional glass painting skills are unusual here in the US, so I occasionally work for other studios.

Tomorrow I will post the pictures of the finished glass window. The colors are quite beautiful, and it really is a very good copy from the original poster!


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  2. Beautiful drawing! Both the stained glass piece and the original poster hang in our office - Timothy H. Moore, DDS and Associates in Columbus, Ohio. You can find a picture of the finished piece on our website - Dr. Moore is very proud. This poster was the one poster he had always longed for and putting it in stained glass completed his dream. Thanks for being part of that.

  3. Superb! Thanks so much for letting me know. I'm so glad to see it in place and know you are happy with it.