Friday, October 16, 2009

An orange time of year

I was really rather shocked to see that it was September when I last posted, so decided to do something about it! Whilst it may appear that there has been no creativity - in fact there has been rather a lot, which probably contributes to the quiet front!

I have recently been designing for a few glass projects, and am working on one of those currently. Other creative endeavors have included curtains and pelmets for Peanut's room, and I even managed to leave baby at home with husband, to go and blow glass for a grand total of three hours (whoop!) Life has certainly changed, and I am realizing that creativity comes in many unusual forms, and I need to appreciate each bit - no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

I will try and post images of the various works in progress, as I can, but for them meantime I thought these were appropriate pics for the time of year. This was actually taken a couple of years back - this is me and Lil miss Pixie-Stix, choosing Pixie pumpkins for our local 'Magical Glass Pumpkin Patch'. Pixie likes to check each one (as they bear her name) as she will only endorse the best!!

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