Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bob cats and bears

Blog silence - as ever - can only mean one thing: Busy busy busy!
I have, at last, managed to actually complete some projects recently, due to 'Gran R' visiting from the UK, and giving me some baby free time to work (thanks Gran!)

This project contains a bear and a bobcat, and is for a couple who own a house in both: Los Gatos (the cats) and Los Osos (the bears). The window will go to their house in Los Osos, on the central coast, now it is finished.

I showed sneak peeks before of the cast glass around the border, and here is the finished window. It contains hand blown glass, cast glass, painted, stained, etched, sandblasted and fused glass, enameled and copper foiled glass, phew! Not sure I could have thrown any more techniques at it?
Oh - and bevelled glass, nearly forgot about that. I like the bear, although I think the cat is too big - but that was a client request, so not my artistic choice.

More pictures of finished work coming soon. I've finished two other windows and am currently working on a painting mural for a change.


  1. Great piece of art, Joanna. Glad Gran has enabled you to complete some stuff. Where does the time go?!

  2. The bear is lovely. The whole piece is beautiful but I like the bear best.