Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brown rice and black pepper

This weekend, I took a brief few hours away from dogs, work and baby to spend some time with a friend. We travelled locally to Santa Cruz, and spent a quiet few hours talking and just 'being' for once.
We ate at a place that serves organic chinese/thai food, and were chatting about our crazy lives. I realized that these days - a 'wild night out' means eating white rice instead of brown, and going to bed at eleven instead of ten. I laughed to myself about it - and felt very tired the whole next day.

Well - you all guessed it would happen soon - we have got another dog. Really can't believe Dolly has been gone for nearly a year. The new dog is 'Heidi' and for once, we kept her shelter name as it suited her so. She is a something crossed with something else - part terrier at least, salt and pepper color, and weighs about 20 lbs, so a 'proper' dog by my husbands standards.
She is currently equal parts sweet and demon (she is only 8 months old) and like nothing better than to grab shoes/slippers/bra/trousers/towel/baby book or any available item, and to drag it through the dog door and outside onto the lawn to sleep on/destroy or bury.
I am very much hoping that all these things will be grown out of and leave a well behaved young dog - but time will tell on that!

The picture is her shelter picture - so she has grown a bit already, and her ears now flap down, instead of stand up. She was reluctant to stand still for a more recent portrait, and I don't have the patience or time right now to chase her for one!


  1. Lovely, Joanna! Heidi looks a real character.

  2. Congrats! I hope she doesn't try to drag baby through the dog door!

  3. ZT - baby can climb through the dog door all by herself, and needs no encouragement from Heidi :)

  4. Laurie: Thanks! Any thoughts of a new friend now Sooty has gone?

  5. Very cute. I see schnauzer in there somewhere. She looks vibrant. Good luck with that:)

  6. Not yet, Joanna - still a bit soon and the cats are enjoying a chance to lie on the bed!

  7. English Rider - Yes! the shelter wondered about Schnauzer too - I think thats why they called her Heidi.