Monday, January 7, 2013

Chapter 2

Next came the month where days blurred into nights and into weeks. We got the keys on September 18th, the same day my Mom graciously flew in from the UK to help me out for a few weeks. I picked her up from the airport and we drove right to the new cottage, meeting husband who had collected the keys from the Realtor. 

We wandered round the now empty rooms, for the first time. Mom didn't say a word until the end, when she finally inhaled and said, "Well, it's different." (translation: 'what the hell have you done??!!'

I had that momentary thing where I was thinking the same thing. All that stress and money, and now the furniture was out, it looked filthy and tired, and small! I brushed the thought away with some of the dirt, and got down to work.

Within a week we had the floors refinished, entirely new electric, furnace and heating installed (it had no heat before) and in two weeks, it had propane installed, new wood burner stove, the interior painted, and we had cleaned it throughly enough to move in. I won't go in to extreme details, but put it this way: It took me 6 hours to clean just the bathroom. The 5ft x 7ft bathroom. No time exaggeration, no slacking, enough said.

Meanwhile, I was also trying to fix up, what would become, my working space, which needed insulation, dry-wall, electric and painting before our move in date when I would need to fill it with furniture.

This WILL be my studio (before picture)

Two weeks later! Penny and Cookie relax on the sofa.

The other end - it's a long thin room. Finished: for now anyway. Sure there will be adjustments, but at least I can work.

I don't know how, but we pretty much did it. More happened too, but I'll save that for another post, as it involves the introduction of a new animal character to the story! Next: Chapter 3!


  1. Moving is always arduous. Love what you've done with the place so far. What a gift to sit at your work and look out into nature and be bathed in natural light. It looks as though the dogs approve.

    1. The view really is a gift. The studio looks out onto a stream and green trees at the back, and there is the constant sound of running water. There is also a good amount of natural light too. The stream is beautiful, although with the recent rains it got to rather a scary high level, so I have to remember that with beautiful nature comes it's awesome power.