Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chapter 3 (part 2)

Where was I?

Oh, 102 emails about the trailer by 8am. 

148 by 10am...

I started to go through the mails in the order that they came in, but given there were so many, decided to pass on any that hadn't left a phone number.

By noon that day, 'Mary' had come to see the trailer and by that evening, her and her husband were figuring out how to remove it from it's spot. They agreed to pick it up in two days, which instantly shot a job to the top of my 'To-Do' list: clearing everything in it's path.

This included a well used composting pile, several six foot shrubs, an arbor, birdhouse on cemented post, a mini greenhouse and a flower bed: Literally a wooden double bed with dirt as mattress and box springs, some 4 ft high. OK then. My Mom and I spent at least 12 hours solid the following day creating this path that hadn't existed before. This was back at the beginning of October, and anyone who lives near the Bay Area may remember we had a couple of incredibly hot weeks then. I think on that day it was around 102 degrees C.

The next item that had suddenly shot to second place on the 'To-Do', was to create a proper gravel pad for the new Airstream to sit on. The previous trailer had been sat on very sandy soil. So much so, that the tires we thought were flat were just, in-fact, buried up to the middle in sand! (good news for it's soon-to-be owner) The entire driveway also needed to be graveled, as it was essentially just dirt. The heat made it incredibly dusty, but we knew that any rain would turn it into a quagmire. So, after a few phone calls and a few hours sleep, Husband and I found ourselves wearing gloves, holding shovels and waving back an entire truck load of gravel. We spent the entire day prepping the site. That day was the hottest so far at 104 degrees C. That was also the first of two truck loads.

Incidentally, the cottage has a pool. On those extremely hot days, after working so hard, all I wanted to do was go jump in it, but previous lack of treatment and the heat had turned it a remarkable shade of opaque Tiffany glass green, so sadly, that was not an option.

Fast forward a few days: (not without their own incident - will need an 'end note' posting, or some-such. Fear this chapter may become a book in it's own right.) Mary and Husband came to get the trailer, and it actually rolled away (us cheering and crossing fingers) to it's new home in Boulder Creek somewhere. 

(Mary called me later: only a few bits fell off of it on the way home)

 Starting to pull 'Big Orange' out.
 Ehren (our electrician) helping to see it out.

View back up the garden (October)

Next on the list: collect the Airstream.
And that (Sorry. Can't believe it) Will have to spill over into part 3.

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