Friday, June 19, 2009

A new adventure

I have been very quiet for a couple of weeks - and with good reason!

The magic bag is old and familiar to me, but even so, contains compartments and depths which have still not been explored, so even now it is possible to be amazed and assounded at it's contents. This week it delivered to me a 3 day old baby girl, who we shall call 'Peanut', and Peanut came from the magic bag in search of a foster/adopt home. Whilst I knew the bag had the cabability to produce such life, it was un-doubtedly a shock to decide whether to take her within an hour, and pick her up within just a few hours.

Yet now, just a week later, it's almost as difficult to remember pre-Peanut time! And her presence and soul join, and fill our world as if they were always part of the puzzle - just perhaps a piece lost under the sofa - until now, when she suddenly completes the picture.

Because Peanut is currently a foster placement, I am unable to share too much information, and especially not pictures, but I just wanted to share her arrival - this 6lb bundle of possibility, who's life journey has joined with ours. For a short time or forever - still things unknown, but here now!


  1. I wish you the very best and a bundle of joy there.

  2. Thank you Jammmie - kind of you.