Thursday, June 4, 2009

Poor old magic bag

The poor old magic bag is in a bit of a state and needs some repair! Even though it's magic qualities enable all my peculiar adventures, and it contains untold mystery and whimsy, like any old bag it needs human love and affection to remain in good repair.
I suppose it has been somewhat busy this year, with the starting of my blog, and all the extra things it has to carry to accomodate my journeys and the need of followers. But I did not realize how poorly it had become until I called on it once again recently, to create kettle corn for a cinema trip. It managed to produce the dried corn kernels, but spluttered to a halt, coughing out a little of it's zipper in the process.

As you can image, I felt terrible! So today, on a trip to Santa Cruz, I purchased some new lining material and thread, and shall set about the repair as soon as possible, in the hope that my adventures will not be more adversely affected. I guess I have had the magical fabric for many years - perhaps twenty! and have only made one repair before, so it's about time.

The magic bag is the biggest one in the picture. The other bags retain no magic, but have other qualities - ranging from the ability to hold objects to making the wearer appear as a princess or Romany gypsy.

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