Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Zoe's window

This is the second window for this client, and is in her daughter, Zoe's, bathroom. It is similar to a window I made before, with fused and leaded glass, in subtle colors. It is obscuring enough, without blocking out important light from the room.

The first thing that struck me, as I walked towards the bathroom, to take the shot - was the great reflection t made in the shower door, so I'll show that picture too.

It is a contemporary window - for the clients taste - and reminds me of what I know as 'cow parsley' in the UK. Not sure what it would be called here?

Interestingly - there should be no purple glass in this window. All the glass chosen for the project was subtle shades of blue and turquoise, to match the tile in the room. However, when I fired the fused glass - one of the blue glasses turned purple. I showed this to the client, who liked it enough to keep it in the window instead of me making it again. So I just added a little more, in the leaded section of the window (for balance) After I'd kiln fired the extra glass of course. It happens - glass can do some odd things when put under pressure!

Oh! another note. The window was created, made and delivered to the contractor to install, who promptly broke it within ten minutes, trying to 'twist' it into the frame. The large central fused piece in the upper window, got cracked in two, so the window came straight back to me, to be taken apart and remade - again. Not amused. All sorted now though, and safely back in.

I usually always end up installing my work, or being part of the process at least, but since baby's arrival, have decided that it's something that I just can't be expected to do. So it was particularly frustrating, as this is the first time I said 'no'.

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  1. This is lovely. It's light and airy and modern. Is it Cow Parsley? Or maybe Dandelion Clocks?