Thursday, February 24, 2011

Custom order

I have been rather busy lately with a logo design for a website - not work I usually do, and with a custom order of the bee hearts I made. The bee hearts all have wording on them, and a different name on each one, so each had to be made individually - no mass production here! The bead on the ribbon has my 'makers mark' on it. This is the mark I put on all my work, it's a 'J' and a 'D' for my name.

They are made of poly-clay,which I am still really enjoying working with, and painted with acrylics, which seem to stick just fine, which is nice after the difficulties I had with the resin. You may be seeing more of the poly-clay, it's so fun to work with, and so 'do-able' on the dining room table when baby naps, or I have a moment.

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