Thursday, February 3, 2011

On a roll

What? Four blog posts this week already? It's almost like the old days! It won't last.

True, but who cares. I suppose it has been a rather creative time. I am officially 'without' commission work at the moment, so these are the times I need to play, experiment and try and make things that might sell! Mostly it has all been 'hearty' endeavors, but on a Valentines pink /red theme, I decided to make a couple Pixie Pumpkins/gourds too, as I know some people like the pink ones.

Not a great picture, but taken (once again) with my Iphone, and it's a case of 'bad picture - or no picture', as I am often to busy to think about taking my camera to the studio to document work.
At least this way I have a record of all the things I do!


  1. I LOVE these. They're gorgeous... a bit like fairy fruit!

  2. whoops! I just took the time to come back and read your blurb and I now see my comment is completely superfluous- they ARE infact fairy fruit!!! Sorry!

  3. I like Fairy fruit!!! Just goes to show you knew exactly what they are - magic vegetables :)