Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Heidi dog

Heidi dog is known by that name because she is... umm, a dog.

That might seem obvious really, but to me, she is actually the first dog I think I've had in the house. All of the other furry children we'll loved and owned have been just that - children with lots of body hair that bark.

Pixie and Cookie (commonly referred to as The Buttons) most certainly are not dogs. Pixie - we believe, is actually a guinea pig crossed with a burrito, and Cookie is a widow in her latter years, who has travelled extensively and seen things that some will never get to experience.

Heidi is a dog. She barks and chews stuff, fetches a ball or stick, and eats poop. If she has a more complex and intriguing character in there - I am yet to meet it. She's very good at being a dog though. Almost as if she was born for it.

This is the canvas I have been working on recently. 24 x 30" acrylic on canvas. This one is a little different for me, as I used modeling paste on the canvas before painting it - so it has some real texture to it - I like the textural finish and will use the paste again for future work.

I'll show a picture of Heidi Dog too - so you see what I painted from, and I'll try and show a picture of the texture .

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