Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lost month

April got lost at the bottom of the Magic Bag, and rummage as I might - I couldn't find it.

But what I found instead was May! All moved now: packed and un-packed, wrapped and un-wrapped. Pictures down and up again, and new locations found for teapots and ornaments. Baby faired well, and her bedroom has been virtually duplicated, so in her 22 month old world - life goes on.

Dogs faired fine really, except for Cookie who seemed to think the sky might fall on her head, so took to standing on my toes at all times. That way, I guess, she decided it would fall on mine first? All better since everything settled in one place only, and not in two.

After boxes and sorting came baby arrangements and husband needs, and when everything and everyone else has found a grove, it's time to find mine. So, back to work for me, starting with this poly clay heart (another custom order) destined for the UK.

The brief: Cats, ballet and motorbikes! Which seemed a tricky mix, but I think I pulled it off ok. There are also dates and names, and special song words.
Cookie wanted to sit with the heart when I took it's picture, so here's one of her too.

Talking of Cookie - a portrait of her is coming next! Already started, I'll post when it's done. I like to try and document our dogs with a painting, but don't often get time. Now I have catching up to do, as I haven't painted any of the current family!


  1. Glad to hear you have moved in, Joanna and got your boxes unpacked. Something we haven't achieved since moving here in October. I like your hearts!

  2. Aww! It looks lovely. Can't wait till it arrives! They'll love it!

  3. Laurie: Still unpacked boxes?? tut-tut! I shall come round and unpack them myself if they are still there in the fall when I plan to visit the UK :)

    Jane: Thanks! Glad you like, and sorry - must be kind of weird seeing it on the blog before its even arrived? Posted last Tuesday - so should be there soon.

  4. It's arrived! Thank you. Like I said, they'll love it.