Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Some kind of life.

Life is finally settling into a new groove. The fact that I have some part time daycare for baby, means I can actually plan to get some work done too.

I'm at my most content when I'm working, and have especially been enjoying painting of late. Having finished painting Cookie, I have now started work on painting Heidi Dog. Painting Cookie was easy really, each little hair leapt off the brush onto the canvas, but Heidi Dog is another story. She has this crazy salt and pepper hair, which looks random enough until I try and paint it. It's been a real challenge trying to get her to look just right. This is a much bigger painting also - so naturally more hours will go into completing it.

Today's picture is a captured moment this afternoon. It's the trolley I have next to my drawing board, with my brushes and paint. Yes, thats a whole pot of tea - just for me! I always make a pot, even if it's just for one cup - it's tastes better. In the afternoon though - I do indulge in a whole pot. Yes - I do occasionally dip my brush in my tea instead of the water.

If you look closely, you can just see Heidi Dog's paws on the canvas in the background!


  1. The paws are the first thing I noticed. Nice tea-pot too.

  2. It gives me a reason to paws for thought!

  3. Yeah! I like my teapot too. Its one of those Beehive things. It's a 'two person' pot. I do have quite a few teapots. A one person, two person and a four person at least.

    I'll post 'the paws' when its finished!