Thursday, May 19, 2011

War and Peace

This morning, the waters raged. Battering the rocks and shredding the brittle kelp into strange green snow on the beach.

And yet Peace existed nearby, out of reach from the grip of the tides.


  1. Great concept, but such an uptight, overly perfect peace sign. How many engineers does it take...?

  2. True - I was just amazed to see how accurate it was - given the scale! You can see someone on the beach in the shot, and I was thinking how hard it must have been to get it so perfect!

    Also - must have taken some one a fair amount of time. I was down there by 8.45am, and it was already there. I figure it must have been done in the morning because of the tides.

    I wonder if one morning, I'll wake up at 5 am and have the intense urge to go draw a symbol on the sand?

    Probably not. But it was fun to see that some one else had :)