Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Cookie

I've been meaning to paint my dearest Cookie for a long time now, but there are always more pressing things to do. So, having just moved, I thought I'd snook in some time to paint her, before other jobs and work take over. I'm glad I did. I finished her yesterday, and suddenly there are several other projects demanding time and attention. She is not framed yet - I just ordered a 'floating frame' for her, so will wait for it's arrival.

To me, Cookie's character is one of an older lady. Someone who has seen many things, and experienced a great deal in life. Because of that, I decided to paint her 'portrait'. Just her head, with rich detailed 'Morris' style wallpaper behind, and a necklace instead of a collar. I think the image captures her character well. Cookie and I worked together to design our own wallpaper, and she oversaw the entire project, of course!

The painting is an 8 x 8 inch canvas, painted with acrylics, and she is presented actual size!


  1. What a wonderful portrait. Cookie's character certainly shines through. What a little darling!