Thursday, April 9, 2009

Circus birds

My blog hasn't seemed very 'creative' over the past week or so, so I thought it was about time I posted some art! It is with good reason though - as I had my week of 're-modelling' in the kitchen (still don't have a cooker!) and now it is Easter week, I have been working (somewhat production style) blowing glass at Holy City. The glass rabbits have been a real success, and because of that, I think I must have made at least seventy of them now! In spite of that, there are only around four or five not sold. Today will probably be my 'last rabbit day' for making them.

Today's picture shows a stained glass panel I made. It depicts sparrows, illuminated by colored light, flying high above the sandy floor of a circus 'big top'. The sparrows were lured into the billowing canvas, but have become trapped inside it's belly. Colored spot lights make them appear strangely colored, and the decorative stars on the roof of the tent trick them by promising an open night sky, yet when they fly towards it, they are still trapped. You can see the crowds of people (a sea of faces) seated around the circus ring, and their tiny size, compared to the sparrows, shows the cavernous size of the belly of this canvas beast!


  1. how fantastic to sell so many rabbits! love the colour in this piece

  2. It's very beautiful...the colors are so vivid!