Monday, April 13, 2009

Hello sunshine!

This morning I installed 'the sun' at the Cristallo ranch in Los Gatos! It is a free hanging panel that now hangs inside the tack room in the horse barn, and brings some colored light to an already sunny room. It is technically very simple - a little painting, and staining, fused dichroic eyes, and leaded. But I think its simplicity is striking enough for its location.

So now I have a sun and a moon window - both circular, in different locations in Los Gatos, about 3 miles away from each other as the crow flies. Not connected in any way, other than the fact that I made them, and that I know they are there! Here are a couple pictures of the sun, and I will post 'the moon' again, so I can see them next to each other!
Anyone for stars?!


  1. Your sun looks stunning in its simplicity. i love to use moons & sun & stars in my work.