Thursday, April 16, 2009

Loves me, loves me not

So much for posting this picture yesterday- I had no internet or phone all day! It's surprising how one comes to rely on these technologies so much, but rather than be frustrated, I decided to have an active day without distraction at my drawing board, and ended up having the most wonderful day! There was just one moment when I wondered how many toes an owl has (for a new project I've started) and the internet would have been helpful, but I managed - and had a very productive day. So, here is the picture I finished, which is the second in a series I have decided to do, and is called 'Loves me, loves me not'. The series doesn't really have a name yet, but for now I shall call it 'Bunny and Boo'. I'll post the first painting of the series again too, for comparison.

Endnote: When I showed my husband the thumbnail sketches for the 'Bunny and Boo' series, he laughed heartily. I was confused and asked what was so funny. He said "But this is you and Cookie" (one of my little dogs) and then said "you should put a note on these saying 'based on actual events' or 'based on a tue story'" I like that a lot. So,

'Loves me, loves me not' (based on actual events) Well - I do like cake.

'A stitch in time' (based on a true story) I also like tea (especially with cake)

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