Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bath time for Boo

Here is another finished painting in the 'Bunny and Boo' series. It's Bath time for Boo, and he doesn't look best pleased about it. But there it is, we all need to wash sometimes! This is another painting based 'on actual events'. It's not that Cookie and I actually take a bath together, but when it's bath time, she does come in the shower with me!

Like Boo - she's a little scared of the water, so I take her in the shower, so I can at least hold her whilst I wash her. Then she sits at the end of the tub whilst I wash, then I bundle her up in a towel and dry her. She curls up in my bathroom sink in a towel and I blow dry her there, all tucked up. Then she goes crazy and runs around the house - all poofed up fluffy black and white. Then she gets a treat for her troubles!

1 comment:

  1. This is a sweet depiction of "quality" time - Cookie should be so lucky. Your use of colours are well-balanced and quite fun!