Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Magic Kingdom

Beyond the vale of Potterton Marsh is a place known as 'The Magic Kingdom' (at least, thats what my four year old neighbor calls it). It is a beautifully landscaped area, hidden by giant redwood trees, and has a lake, a tiny train, a tree house and many others magical things.

I am one of a fortunate few neighbors to the Kingdom that are allowed to walk there when it is quiet, and not hosting ceremonies or events. Most days, both before and after my work, I walk with Cookie and Dolly there, which is especially nice for them as they can run without leashes, and there are always squirrels and quails to chase, and graceful deer to cautiously watch through the peach and apple trees. Pixie occasionally comes, but Pixie 'doesn't do' hills, which, as we live on the side of a mountain, can be an issue. So if we carry her there, and carry her back, she is more than happy to waddle round the little pathways and over the bridges.
This morning, on my way back, I found wild strawberry plants, growing on the redwood lined path that takes me home. I collected a few, and have planted them at Potterton Marsh. It would be lovely if they grow, but also might provide some fruit for the cottage.

I'll post a few images from the Magic Kingdom, but it deserves so much more then one Blog post, that I shall certainly refer to it often.

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