Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Illustration friday and the need to perfect

Well, it's about time I joined the fun. So this week is my first attempt with 'Illustration friday'. This weeks word in 'Contagious'. I think the illustration friday thing could be contagious. I also think it will be a good discipline for me, as I am trying to draw and sketch more. And by that, I mean I am trying to casually draw and sketch more, without turning whatever I do into an overworked finished piece, as, lets just say - I can be a bit of a perfectionist (ok - I'm downright anal)

So - forcing mayself to sketch, and post, without messing with it too much should be liberating. Also, I can just use the drawing practice, so I'm trying to sketch when I have a spare moment - especially the dogs, as they are there and tend to move, which means one has to capture them quickly and not be too precious about it. So sometime randomly, I'll post those too.

I'll shut up now :)


  1. They are lovely,love the colours

  2. Lovely. Fun an dwhimsical. you have a very nice style.