Thursday, May 7, 2009

Legion of Honor

On tuesday I travelled up to San Francisco to see a man about some work. I took the opportunity to visit a show at the Legion of Honor, in the Presidio. The work was that of Tiffany, Lalique and Faberge, and although my time there was snatched and short, I absorbed of much of it as I could: A cold bucket of water thrown in ones face, as opposed to a gentle swim in warm waters.
Because of that - I strangely had the feelings one associates with the above watery scenarios. That is to say I felt exhilarated and mentally alert, and ran about like a mad person, cramming visual information and thoughts into both the magic bag, and my magic brain. (All - I must explain - because the museum was closing) I saw some wonderful things, and when I came back outside, the view of the city and of Golden Gate bridge brought me down to earth with a pleasant thud. I stood, and stopped, and stared, as the cold gray fog rolled silently over the water, under the bridge and towards Alcatraz island. Meanwhile, the city was illuminated by sun, a spotlight from beyond the clouds, even though around it was darkened by the fog and cloud.
Here are some pictures to illustrate, The one that shows Alcatraz was taken from the window of the house I was visiting (the man about the job) and if you are not familiar with San Francisco propertys, lets just say that if you have this kind of view from your window - you probably have a very nice house, probably very big, and probably live in a fantastic part of the city!

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