Monday, May 18, 2009

Shiny red apples and tags

Towards the end of May, glass apples become popular at the studio, as they make good gifts for teachers, and last much longer than their organic twins. so I have been making a few. They are the kind of apples that comes from fairy tales, red and shiny, with a little leaf, but too hard for Snow Whites 'pearly whites' so I don't think they will put anyone in a coma.

Also, I was tagged! by Sascalia (Thank you) so now I must tell you six things I love and tag six others:

Cardamon tea
Cinema and all things film
My buttons(especially Cookie)
My bunny (Colin)
Adventures (especially magic ones)
Books, wonderful books.


Creating Pictures in my Mind

teesha's circus

And now those marked by the tag must do the same: your 'love' list, and pass the tag along to six others.


  1. Oh my, what a trip, thanks Joanna ! I'll try to get to fulfilling my blogjugal obligations asap; maybe tomorrow, this week will be crazy at work though... even today's post was limited to just one letter...

  2. i've just spent far too long on your blog. if I were rich, I'd commission you ten times over. I love stained glass, but have always battled with the idea that I'd be filtering out a little of the natural light that I love- however, looking at your work, it's certainly worth the sacrifice!

  3. Thanks Cassia! - too kind. So glad you came to enjoy the adventure, plenty of room in the magic bag for you and your things!