Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sunny day stroll

Another sunny day! So I'll take a detour on my creative wanderings and go to the beautiful hills above Los Gatos to D'Orsa Winery. Every corner turned reveals another scene or vista from renaissance Italy. I Wind up the mountain roadways through the grape vines, and pause at the statue of St Francis of Assisi, to whom the Vineyard is dedicated.

At D'Orsa, they have recently built a new Artist's studio, the theme being 'Sister Moon' from the canticle of St Francis. So here is the round window I made for it. I have included three pictures, as the glass is irridised from the outside, and slumped, so I think it looks lovely from the outside. One is a picture of the finished window, and the best picture, I think, is the one of the light cast by the window as I was installing it.

The sunlight was so strong that afternoon, I think the installation was around 2-3pm, and it cast amazing shapes and colors onto the surrounding ledge!

Oh, and finally one picture of the Artist studio, to put the window in context with the building and the vineyard.


  1. Your pictures make me realize how much I miss Ca....the colors are beautiful. Thanks for the visit.

  2. Well thanks for stopping by! I will try and add more CA pics - just for you!