Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Secret things

Secret 'things' are something I love to include in my work. Thinking about Jane's Garden panels led me down a winding trail towards another window I made with secret things in it.

The window was for a family with two children, and I decided to put the families' hand prints (among other things) into the design of the window, so only they would know they were there. There are four prints - some are easier to see than others. The painting was part of the preparation for the window, and depicts a critical evolution in the design.

I went hiking to Sunol Regional Park - for inspiration, and to find the 'perfect tree' for this project. I had nearly finished my walk, without much luck (artistically) when I sat down for a rest and saw this scene before me. Two great trees on a hill opposite, with the sun behind them, casting fantastic shadows onto the ground. It was the spark I had been looking for, so I went home and did this painting, before translating it into a cartoon for Stained Glass.

I will post a picture of the glass another time.

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