Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to the bag

The rain is back again. Pouring, soaking, saturating the mountains, and running off in little streams towards the reservoir. I don't mind, as it is very needed, and makes me feel hopeful about the water supplies for the months ahead.

But it's back to the magic bag for me, making sure the top is zipped, and that it won't flood, so I can stay dry. And from the warmth and comfort of the bag, I was able to do a painting with an idea that I had whilst on vacation in oregon. I enjoyed the style of it, and plan to do more with the same feel, so I shall post those too, as they come to life!


  1. Jo! I LOVE this painting!!!! Oh my gosh it is cute!!!! Do you do commissioned paintings? I'd love to have something with a representation of each of my girls...just a thought ;-). You are so incredibly talented. I mean I knew that before since I have one of your pieces in my house, but I really really admire your style!

  2. Thanks Meilei!
    Yes, I do commissioned paintings - and I'd love to do a representation of your girls - what a great idea!

    Thanks for the compliments about the new painting, it's a bit of a departure for me - but I too really like the style, so plan to do more.

    Also, when I have at least 5 or so, I plan to have giclees printed onto canvas, and open an Etsy store! (I see you are a fan)

    Lets talk though about portraits - my new painting is kind of small - 8 x8 inches.

    I could do one pic or even 3 small ones!