Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Magic bag!

I realised almost as soon as I'd set off that I did, in fact, need slightly more than clean underwear and a teacup. For starters - a teapot and some teabags. So decided to start again, and this time take a magic bag, as well as my shoes, so now I should have everything I really need for an adventure.

This is an illustration I have recently finished, and it is for my neice - Manon. I always promised to make some stained glass for her, but was inspired to paint this for her instead.

Acrylic on canvas board, stamped letters, Painted and stained frame.


  1. I think the blog is looking great and we all love this picture, especially Manon. She often asks me to read what it says just before she goes to sleep!

  2. Thanks for telling me! Thats really nice to here - I hope it's a positive message for her right before she goes to sleep!

  3. d you ever sell these? Lovely.

  4. Hi Jammmie! I do work to commission, so yes, I would sell something like this. Or - this particular image could be made into a giclee. let me know if you want something!