Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The beginning

Well - it's happened - I have a blog. It seems that this will be my first peculiar adventure.

As I pack up a teacup and some clean underwear into a knotted handcherchief on the end of a wooden pole, it's impossible to guess whether this is an 'outing' sort of adventure, or a 'life's journey' adventure filled with excitement and peril!

The only thing to do is to face the horizon, and place one foot infront of the other.

Lucky I wore my magic boots!


  1. We would have to take a cat or two also and a notebook and pen and some chocolate and a camera. But we would walk with you, now and again. Lovely to meet you.
    Jackie and the gingercats

  2. I shall make sure the magic bag can accomodate your requirements - should our paths cross again on our adventures!