Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Out of the bag!

The rain has been so heavy over the last few days, that I have pretty much been holed up in the magic bag.

Today the sun had come out, and I can continue my journey!

Yesterday's pictures of hummingbirds made me think about just how many birds, trees and butterflies have featured in my work over the years. I guess all artists have a subject matter they return to often - and those are mine.

The sun today makes me think of spring, and hiking in the California open spaces. Todays picture is of a California quail and California poppies. The image is again based on Sunol (same as the 'secret tree' window before (Infact - the trees and shadows on the horizon are are based on the same imagery).

Sunol is such a wonderful place to walk, and I was inspired by the 'California' theme when I moved to America. It made me examine the different flora and fauna here, which was interesting.

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