Thursday, March 5, 2009

After the storm

After so much rain there came a beautiful rainbow! I was at Holy City yesterday (Art Glass studio) and Tom (who I work with) called me outside to see the spectral arc of color. I ran to the end of the building to see it better, and noticed seven deer grazing underneath it on the land behind the studio.

I grabbed my camera and ran outside. The deer were not too keen on me being close, but I took the best picture I could, before the rainbow faded and the deer blended into the bushes.

Meanwhile, Cookie (fast becoming the studio dog) was oblivious to the excitement, and did not move a paw from the comfort and warmth of her furry bed.


  1. oh beautiful! congrats on your feature in the paper too!

  2. Thanks! Yes, it was a pretty stunning thing to see - just glad I had my camera at the time!